Some INTERIOR and EXTERIOR installations in Europe

A VINILE® installation creating a possibility to have the office space visual open or not.

A VINILE® installation on sliding doors to have it visually transparent or milky white.

Why not add a color on your VINILE® showroom installation!

A VINILE® solution even for the small office space where a selective privacy is needed.

Another meeting room another space with a VINILE® installation.

When you need your showroom to be a meeting room once in a while.

Working with secret technical solutions then VINILE® will be right for you.

Need to close your office area from outdoor spectators us VINILE®.

Installations made recently (August 2023) at a client’s home in Gothenburg.

Some ARCHITECTURE installations in Europe

Close all or some of the exterior windows with VINILE® when working with architecture.

Exterior window that can be see-throw or open at a click of a button.

A VINILE® installation at a luxury home looking for privacy now and then.

Changing the look & feel in a building or in a room with VINILE®.

Making the bathroom privat with VINILE® when you need to be alone.

A home installation with VINILE® for integrity when required.

Another villa installation for integrity and privacy.

Hotel meeting room for open or closed conversations.

Some VISUAL MERCHANDISE installations in Europe

Volkswagen interactive display window made with a VINILE® solution.

A shopping window made to surprise and inspire to increase shopping.

A display are in a kitchen to enhance the eating experience.

A shopping window made with VINILE® to create a flexible marketing area.